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The Irisvision Community

irisvision is changing the lives of hundreds of low vision patients across the us. here are some of their stories.

Lou Tompkins, 68, Macular Degeneration

“I have been visually impaired for 17 years. It stemmed from an accident and progressed into Macular Degeneration. When I lost my sight I lost independence at the early age of 50. The IrisVision has been a rebirth of my sight. It would be the equivalent of giving a person who could not walk a wheelchair or a person who could not hear a hearing aid. It has allowed me to see my loved ones’ faces which I have not seen in 17 years! When I saw my grandson, I could see the ketchup on the side of his mouth. I said, “did you have ketchup and fries for lunch?” The potential for the IrisVision is tremendous.”

john leake, 69, macular degeneration

“I am able to again repair and solder printed circuit boards, see clearly my fingernails and toes and look up into the corner of the room just to make certain things are still OK. I currently use The IrisVision for the most difficult of tasks when all other devices have failed me. I am happy I found The IrisVision and the team providing this innovative product. I am very fortunate and pleased it has worked so well for me.”

liz raymer, 87, macular degeneration

“Having the IrisVision device really changed my life. It was as if the whole world opened up to me. It was incredible to be able to see the masters again, Van Gogh in Amsterdam and Picasso in Paris. It’s like getting back a part of my life that’s incredibly important to me. I honestly think I don’t want to be without them.”

lannie dennis, 67, optic nerve damage

“My name is Lannie Dennis. I would like to thank the people who invented Iris Vision. These glasses have really changed my life style. Not only I can see better but I can read a book. I used to use depend on my Kindle Tablet to make the letters bigger. Also my grandson who plays football, lacrosse and basketball, people would say there he goes, he made a touchdown. But I couldn’t see him. But now I can enjoy his games. I can now see my Pastor, not only listen to him, but see him. Also at meetings I can see speakers clearer. The Lord has blessed me with these glasses and to connect with Iris Vision. The reps are always patient with me professional and always answer all of my questions. I thank God for them too and also my Low Vision Optometrist Dr. Azman and the Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA for showing me these glasses.”

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